Women face a unique paradigm when it comes to our careers.  Glass ceilings, parenthood, stereotypes, cultural norms and our own fears are among the many challenges we face.  Having said that, being in the right career can be among the most inspiring and fulfilling parts of our lives.  We spend most of our time doing it, so we might as well enjoy it.

We will discuss different experiences, challenges and successes of many women.  We are excited to learn and grow together so that we can all find the best work (and ways to work) so that we can contribute to the world with each of our unique gifts, and feel fulfilled in doing so.

We would love to hear your story in finding your ideal career, or even a tip or strategy that helped you overcome something challenging.  Please tell us about it in the comments. Let us know if you'd like to be anonymous in case we discuss your tip on our Podcast.