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  1. We believe that you must come first.
  2. We listen to our inner voice, trust it and act on it.

  3. We won’t waste our potential wishing we were someone else.

  4. We believe action trumps intention.

  5. We won’t fear failure, but embrace it as a gift of learning.

  6. We won’t compete with each other, or compare ourselves negatively with each other.  We are unique and have our own gift to give.  

  7. We believe that Love is time. carefully choose who you spend it with.

  8. Right here.  Right now.  We are mindful.

  9. We believe nothing ever gets created without a conversation.

  10. We do what makes us come alive.  Every waking moment should be a filled with the passion that drives you. 

11. We know you are strong and you are worthy.

12. Slow is the new fast.

13. We promise to listen and actually hear.

14. We speak from the heart, with real meaning and truth.

15 We serve rather than please.

16. We don’t have to be perfect to be great. 

17. We are leaders, not victims.

18. We believe circumstance is irrelevant.

19. We come from a place of love, and never let fear drive our decisions.

20. We have faith in our ability to make things happen.  We are strong, we are powerful, we are smart, we are talented, and we are making a difference