michelle taylor-CLAYTON

Michelle Clayton Taylor is the CEO of Western Womens Refuge - Family Action Group. She has spent the last 8 years in the abuse and trauma services and the last 5 as CEO. Born and raised in Yorkshire in England, she came from humble mining community. She has a Bachelor or Science degree and worked for many years in mental and psychiatric nursing. In 2001 she moved to NZ, a place she was always fascinated by and has since been a leader in Womens Social Services. 

Global statistics show alarming data suggesting 1 in 3 women will experience violence at the hands of a male partner. It's a very real problem both here in NZ and abroad. It needs addressing and education about healthy relationships needs to start earlier with young children as currently show no signs of diminishing. 

We are very excited to speak to Michelle about her experiences, and how we can work at prevention, keeping ourselves and other girls and women safe and strong.