As designers, creating a brand that really represented the heart of our values was a top priority. The H is filled with "+" marks; this denotes the positive nature of our content, the inclusive, community aspect of what we do.  It also represents the potential inside each of us to be vibrant, fulfilled and making a difference.  

The many + marks making up the H symbolise the strength women gain when we come together, forming a strong collective whole, and when women are fulfilled, at one with their power, we truly shine.  

To us, a Heroine is a woman who is actively creating her own story, proudly owning her power and coming from a place of love.  She has (and continues to) overcome obstacles and hardships and has many competing aspects of her life to balance, but is true to herself and lives out loud.

She is connected, creative, stylish, generous and is interested in improving herself, learning and doing big things with her life.  

She is proud, she is strong, and continues to rise.