Intimacy and sex are crucial components of being a truly empowered woman.  Despite social taboos, we know that without a healthy sex life, relationships can wither and verve and vitality suffer.  Our bodies are an essential part of who we are, and the openness, trust and vulnerability required to have a fulfilling intimate life are important qualities that translate into success in other parts of life. After all, how you do anything is how you do everything.

We will be discussing intimacy with experts on female sexuality and relationship experts.  We are eager to have conversations about addressing our own fears/insecurities/baggage and overcoming them in order to experience the highest form of ourselves.  Being able to be confident and comfortable with intimacy is one of the most empowering and spiritual experiences available to us.

If you have any recommendations in terms of experts to interview, books or thoughts/experiences, please let us know in the comments.