A moment in time that changes the story.

Overcommitted, overworked, and overwhelmed- over everything. We’d been coming from a place of fear, and that wasn’t serving us well.

Something had to give.

We’d met at university, where both of us were striving to feel a sense of accomplishment and actualisation by gaining our masters degree. It was a rich and rewarding experience no doubt, and one we value having the privilege of attaining. Yet, it became apparent a degree doesn't necessarily provide the balance and fulfilment we were seeking.  There was still something missing.

We’ll be forever grateful that university was the place that ignited our friendship, but we realised it was our inner courage (and coming from a place of love) that would be the catalyst for positive change.

We were both motivated by a deep desire to do something challenging and with purpose, and asked ourselves “how can we help ourselves (and other women) to be more effective, balanced and fulfilled?”

Like most women, we’ve both been through tough situations, and at times, feeling very much alone in that struggle. As mothers, partners, sisters, daughters, colleagues and friends, we wanted a place where we could feel a sense of authenticity and belonging, participating with others in honest and transparent conversations - a place where we can be inspired, uplifted and edified.  Trained designers, we approach everything as a problem to be solved, so it bubbled away in our minds for a time until solutions began to spark.

On a late summers afternoon it was decided. Hell yes, we can do it. From here on in, we’re coming from a place of love - our mantra for everything that we intend to do here.

Let us be the Heroines of our own story. 

Most people lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still within them.
— Henry David Thoreau
Is what we’re doing meaningful? Is it going to make a difference?


We want to see the amazing women around us be bold, be inspired and be authentic - being their own heroines. Too often, women are (sometimes unknowingly) bound by social conventions, others' expectations, feelings of unworthiness and our own fears. 

We want to encourage heroism among women through storytelling.  We believe sharing stories is the most powerful way we can make sense of our lives, create solidarity, gain wisdom and create epiphanies.  We celebrate incredible women who have overcome obstacles to fulfil their desires and potential, and shine a light on the lessons they've learned so all of our own personal stories become more inspired, fulfilled, balanced, adventurous and powerful.

We want to be in continuous conversation with you, so we can continue learning from and edifying each other. Heroines is a base of support and encouragement, no matter where you are in your journey. One moment, one comment, one connection could have a poignant and positive impact upon another.

Let's evolve and step into our power. We are stronger together. 


We hope everyone has the opportunity to make their own beautiful mistakes on their way to integrity.